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We take PRIDE in our top-quality Dog Belly Bands made in the USA!

“Thank you for the awesome dog belly band.”

Beware When Choosing a Dog Belly Band

  • Our bands are designed to be used with a band with a disposable, sanitary pad or incontinence pad from the grocery store that wicks moisture away from your dog’s skin to keep him/her dry and clean.
  • Our luxury dog belly bands with elastic are very soft and very comfortable for your dog. They are NOT like other elastic bands that can rub skin. Our top-quality thicker, soft fleece and quality elastic is what makes our bands so soft and comfortable.

How Our Boy and Girl Bands Are Designed

Dog Belly Bands are designed as a training aid to teach dogs not to mark in the house. Used with a disposable pad, they prevent your dog from leaving urine on carpets and furniture, and are a constant reminder not to wet in the house. Belly Bands are also great for incontinent dogs. Our girl bands control messes for female dogs in season.

Why Our Dog Belly Bands Are Better

We strive for the BEST in our Dog Belly Bands. Our anti-pill fleece washes up soft and fluffy every time. We source our materials from top quality suppliers.